5 Element Acupuncture Gold Coast-In Chinese medicine there are 5 elements. All 5 of these elements are within us but one will be the cause of disharmony in a persons health. What unravels us. In Chinese Medicine we look to strengthen those weaknesses to bring about balance and harmony. We need all the emotions associated with these elements to function and process everyday life. The problem is when we get stuck in these emotions/ mental states. 5 Element Acupuncture focuses on the spirit, emotional and mental health of the patient to bring about positive change that can even be felt on a physical level. Often repressed emotions can cause extreme fatigue, skin disorders, heaviness in the body, digestive issues, gynecological issues etc. If you identify with a lot of these elements, you’re not alone! When we are out of balance, many of the elements can be affected. It’s up to the practitioner to identify the main cause of disfunction. This is based on the cadence of the voice, colour/hue of the face and smell (not body odour). It’s quite primitive really. Chinese medicine is an ancient tribal medicine after all.

Which Element are you?


Balanced Earth people are born nurturers. They’re great listeners, always making sure you’re comfortable and at ease which makes them great hosts at parties. They’re natural story tellers. You will see a lot of actors or musicians will be of the earth element. They give sympathy and understanding and make comfortable homes. They tend to be muscular and have strong backs. Out of balance they can be needy and demanding, create drama wherever they go and always be looking for sympathy. They can feel resentful of giving as they don’t have much to give. They can also feel unstable and unsupported, be flighty and ungrounded. They can often feign interest in you only so they can talk about themselves and be quite self absorbed.

On the contrast they can have poor boundaries and give too much, rejecting any help then being furious at how unsupported they are. They can give and give and give enabling others disempowerment. The smothering, interfering mother is a great example or the mother that gives to everyone except herself.

By giving them the nourishment they need they can easily once again show the qualities of a balanced earth

The root issue is Worry/Pensiveness/Rumination and feeling misunderstood. The need for sympathy.


People strong in the fire element is the flirty, social,instinctive,passionate and affectionate friend of yours. Their eyes sparkle and there is always a party when they are around. You instinctively want to smile around them. Even when they are telling you bad news they sound like they’re laughing. The can go from laughing to crying in a heartbeat.
The shadow side of the fire element and every one has one so don’t judge is they can be morose and depressing. Lacking in joy. or manic.They laugh too much (like seriously it wasn’t THAT funny), angry out bursts,inappropriate flirting and promiscuity, oversharing personal information, arrogance and vanity. They were often the class clown and can take a while to grow up. Not knowing what is appropriate in social situations.
A Fire type person really needs to feel connection with people and are afraid of being rejected. So they can guard their heart very closely as they can be so easily bruised. The can also be cold and reclusive.
When fire people are in balance they are  fun and charismatic, full of love and you need them around to spread good cheer and frivolity. They often have a shine or sparkle in their eyes as they’re often near laughter or tears.

The root issues are joy/mania, scared of being rejected, needing connection and feeling of sadness/melancholy.


Often have dry or matte skin, symmetrical features and high cheekbones. They have a deep chest which sometimes can be concave when the have deficient Lung Qi.  They can look sombre or serious. They have the ability to notice patterns, see the big picture and all points of view without inner conflict. We need more metal people around! They have high ideals though, which can be their undoing as not many live up to their high expectations including themselves. They can be hard on themselves and pessimistic. Prone to disappointment until they realise this about themselves. Relax a little and accept themselves and others for their own unique beauty. Potentially live in the past as this may be perceived as a better time, and having trouble letting go; or may be excellent at letting go if the Qi is strong. From a spiritual point of view Metal types are often trying to get a closer connection to God or source. They often don’t realise it’s within themselves anyway.

The root issues are mixed feelings of superiority and worthlessness. Disconnection, rigidity, hypercritical of self and others. Grief and trouble letting go of the old to let in the new.


People strong in the Wood element tend to be of 3 types. Balanced, Deficient and Excessive
Balanced: Outgoing and friendly, Sassy,Creative, Visionary and motivated,have healthy boundaries.Decisive. Mover and Shaker
Deficient: Struggle to make decisions an plans for the future, Find it really difficult to create healthy boundaries with people and can get “walked over”. Feel purposeless and lack direction, Procrastinate,depressed.
Excessive: Napolean complex( Bossy and Domineering) Only see things in Black and white. Rigid and inflexible. A bit intimidating to be honest. Angry and can get depressed.

Wood types is that you can always plan for the future even if that is uncertain. The emotions that come up though can be one of frustration at things not happening fast enough or in the way you want.

The root issues are feelings of helplessness, lack of direction , anger, frustration, depression and boredom.


People that are strong in the water element will be smart, dry witted and have lots of energy. They’re able to take on lots of projects at the same time and can be very successful but can tend to push themselves too hard as they have such a strong will. When this element is imbalanced, people strong in the water element can run high on adrenaline leading to a permanent fight or flight,fear state. Wired and tired or just plain fatigued. They can be jumpy and un- grounded as well as struggle with paranoia.

“Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away at stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle go around it. Water does.” Margaret Atwood- The Penelopiad

The root issues are fear, addiction to adrenaline, struggling with paranoia, negative ,dark thoughts, loss of sense of self.