Acupuncture for Creative,Sensitive and Empathic Types-Gold Coast

This is a subject close to my heart as I am all of those things. Creative, Sensitive and Empathic. Such beautiful qualities that I love in other people but man it can make life tough! Being so finely tuned makes me susceptible to getting sick easily if I’m around toxic, negative or draining situations. Even if I watch too much TV or internet I can get out of wack easily. Do you relate?

Until I studied 5 Element Acupuncture I struggled to maintain control of feeling fragile and at odds with this crazy world we live in. Finding out my element was Water and that my core struggle would be one of fear and the constant need for excitement really drew my attention. I finally had found the therapy that got me! Such a conflict of interest when you don’t feel safe ever but feel depressed and frustrated if you’re not doing something out of your comfort zone. However, we all have these inner contradictions that make us human.

Finding out what element you are can be such a game changer. Firstly for understanding what a core weakness is in you and feeling deeply understood. Secondly having a therapy that can help bring you back to your true self. It doesn’t fix you but gives you a more even playing field to work from. When you are feeling your own unique sense of disfunction it’s hard to have other aspects of your life function well.. Since regularly having 5 element treatments my life is so much better and easier as is the lives of my clients that try it. Their lives literally start to transform.

Try it and see the profound effect it has on you feeling like you can cope with whatever is thrown your way!