Cupping- Fire Cupping, Slide Cupping and Glass Cupping. The only place in Palm Beach that specialises in cupping with a female Acupuncturist. Have you wanted to try cupping before? Have you seen the telltale marks on people and wondered why they would put up with those brusies? Cupping is an ancient healing technique that has been used in China for thousands of years but has actually been used in many different cultures as it is so effective for treating:

  • Muscle Tension
  • Colds, Flu and cough
  • Cellulite
  • Firming the belly after pregnancy ( It’s awesome. You should try it)
  • Bells palsy

Why the bruising?

With the suction comes the bruising. However, these bruises don’t really hurt and they clear up in the same time it takes for a bruise to clear on you. These bruises mainly occur when you have fire cupping that is static meaning they stay in the same spot for a few minutes. In slide cupping where the cups move all over the skin this is less likely to occur.

What does the cupping do?

The suction allows the soft tissue to stretch which releases tension in the muscles. By lifting up the soft tissue more fresh blood is able to get into the tissues. This allowing better range of movement and has a slightly detoxifying effect. The suction also helps to pull out pathogens (germs) that are trapped in the superficial layers of the body. Pathogens lead to cold and flu but also numbness and stiffness in the muscles and joints.

Cellulite and Fluid Retention

Another pathogen that leads to cellulite is called damp. Damp ( fluid retention) gets trapped in the superficial layers and causes a dimpling and swelling in the tissue. Slide cupping is great at draining the damp and fluid retention for a smoother appearance.

Firming the belly after pregnancy

Some of you may have been told that you are just stuck with loose skin on the belly. This is not true. You just haven’t tried cupping! A few sessions of slide cupping on the belly does wonders for flabby skin. Mix this in with an Acupuncture session for strengthening your core energy and you will see results fast. Also works well after weight loss.

Bells Palsy

Bells Palsy is a condition where the Trigeminal nerves on one side of the face are damaged. This causes one side of the face to droop. It is a common side effect of stroke but can also be a symptom on it’s own. This can cause problems with the eyes if the eyelid is unable to close. Flash cupping is used to bring circulation back to the area effected. Flash cupping is taking the cups on and off very quickly. This is most effective when done with a course of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Getting treatment in the first 6 months gets the best results.

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