Are you in pain?


Acupuncture works in a few ways to help with pain.

  1. Increases circulation. Decreased circulation causes pain, numbness and or tingling.
  2. Improves the immune system in the area being treated. White blood and mast cells are in higher proportion around acupuncture points. They help fight infection and inflammation which causes pain.
  3. Increases endorphins. Those hormones that are stimulated when you are feeling happy. They reduce pain.
  4. Trigger points. Locally around the area of pain in a muscle there will be a trigger point that when needles will release the muscle from being too tight which causes pain.
  5. In the case of period pain, increasing the circulation helps move congestion in the lower abdomen which causes pain.
  6. In the case of period pain Acupuncture also encourages the free circulation of hormones which are part of the cause uterine cramping

Here is the type of pain I can help you with


Period pain/ovulation pain

Neck,shoulder,hip,groin etc. Muscular pain, tendon pain, heel spurs, post – surgery, stiffness and pain around shoulders.

Some helpful tips you can do to get yourself out of pain.

1. Heat: About 80% of the time heat will work better than ice to relieve general aches and pains. This is two fold. Firstly it relaxes the muscles as they will contract with cold and relax with heat. Secondly it allows blood flow into the area of pain as lack of blood circulation is the biggest cause of most aches and pains.

2: Move: Stretch into a position that relieves the pain. Most people actually know how to help themselves naturally. They will go into positions that help relieve their pain. Breath into the area of pain while you are doing this. Stay in that position until the pain subsides. Go into the counter position that makes that area really tight and then let it go. For example with tight shoulders, pull you shoulders up to your ears and drop them quickly a few times. This will send a message to the brain that the area is tight.

2. Eat a non-inflammatory diet:Lay off the red meat, alcohol, sugar and caffeine. Eat more vegetables. Toxicity in the body leads to inflammation. Inflammation causes pain.

Hope that helps. If you need anymore information I am happy to give you a few ideas over the phone free of charge 0422 635 649

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