Poly cystic Ovaries

Have you been diagnosed with Poly cystic Ovaries?

Has that shown up on a scan or has your doctor made an educated guess based on a syndrome of weight gain, missing periods,hair on you chin,chest or excess hair on your body? Did you know that Poly cystic Ovaries are now considered by some experts to be a symptom of insulin resistance? Do you not fit into the syndrome as in you have a health weight and no excess body hair?

The most common drug doctors routinely put women with Poly cystic Ovaries on is Metformin, a drug to control diabetes. The concern is that women are being over medicated with a drug they don’t need and that does not help relieve their symptoms of Poly cystic ovaries. Simple diet and lifestyle advice would be more beneficial to deal with an insulin resistance in most cases.

Chinese medicine treats the individual rather than the disease. Why is this important? In my experience with Women that have Poly Cystic Ovaries, many have food intolerance. In Chinese medicine, when the digestive system isn’t absorbing nutrients from food properly or is overwhelmed due to inappropriate dietary choices, phlegmy and mucousy by products can start popping up in the body. This can also cause all different types of cysts to deposit themselves around the body. This is a very simplistic explanation but is pretty much the truth from a Chinese medical perspective.

How we treat Poly Cystic Ovaries is to change the diet and lifestyle of our clients and treat the underlying digestive weakness as well as help reduce sugar cravings by improving the bodies sugar metabolism. We then use Acupuncture and Chinese herbs to reduce the cysts in the Ovaries. Thus regulating the ovulation cycle and therefore fertility if that’s what you are looking for.

Can you see why it’s important to get this sorted out wholistically? If you do have insulin resistance you are at risk of developing diabetes which is a chronic autoimmune disease. If your body is struggling to process foods correctly you are likely to be deficient in vitamins and minerals essential to your health and vitality.Help us help you get your health on track.


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