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If you’re often feeling overwhelmed, easy to anger, stuck in a mental rut and only seeing the negative in most situations, you may be really stressed. It’s pretty common. Luckily there are so many ways to relieve stress. Having worked in Spa’s,beauty salons and health centres I’ve seen many different ways people find to relax and can show you several that I feel work really well.

So why is stress so bad for you?

Basically when you are stressed your hormone cortisol is rising. Elevated levels of Cortisol in the body are related to many chronic and serious health issues including some types of cancer. So for obvious reasons we want to keep stress levels down. When stressed we are often in a Gamma brainwave state which is great for being conscious and alert. We need a little bit of stress to function and be alert but when we are constantly in this brainwave state we are not accessing higher states of consciousness that help us creatively solve problems, heal illness in our own bodies, increase immunity, improve our intuition and be compassionate with each other. Important for our world today to not be stressed. You can see how constant stress causes conflict. It also stops us from seeing the bigger picture.

How does Acupuncture help?

When I’m giving an Acupuncture treatment I check reflexes on the body. I especially check the adrenals in my clients as most of us suffer from a bit of stress. Often our bodies hold onto that stress and it can cause a low immune system. So they can constantly be getting colds and flu or be slow to heal from injuries. You can also have trouble getting to sleep or feeling constantly tired and wired. Often there is a feeling of the heart beat in the body that makes the person constantly aware and anxious. Stress is eventually exhausting if not dealt with. When I find these reflexes ‘switched on’ I find acupuncture points that ‘switch them off’. This helps your body, mind and spirit come back into balance.

Chinese Herbs

While you are going through a stressful time Chinese herbs can really help calm your nervous system as well as help you sleep better. Some people’s constitution will constantly need a little help from herbs while others will only need a course of herbs for about 3 months as a kind of reset. They are all completely vegetarian and non-addictive. Safe to use even during pregnancy when correctly prescribed.


The power of touch shouldn’t be underestimated! Our mothers stroked and caressed us when we were upset as children. This helps to sooth us and bring us back into our bodies and calm our sensitive nervous systems.


I use Reiki which is a form of energetic healing on my clients suffering from stress and anxiety as it really helps you get into a blissful state.



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