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Women’s health clinic Gold Coast

Women’s health clinic Gold Coast, Palm Beach

Traditional Chinese medicine has been recorded investigating Women’s health and fertility dating back to 200 AD. In this search for understanding the many aspects of the complicated women’s physique, Traditional Chinese Medicine has come up with a sophisticated and multi-layered diagnostic system to understand such issues as PCOS ( poly cystic ovarian syndrome),Absent periods, Late or early periods, Endometriosis, Period Pain, PMS ( bloating, fatigue, painful breasts and lower abdomen, irritability, hormonal depression and headaches during her period), Fibroids and heavy and Painful periods.

Aspects of a Woman’s life such as period length, time between periods, pain during periods, type of flow,stress levels, energy levels, appetite, shoulder and neck tension, bowel movements, etc. These investigations give a clearer picture of a Woman’s health and well being and shine a light on where imbalances may lie.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help support standard care in the treatment of Woman’s health


We use: Black PearlChina Med– Serin– Balance Needles

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