Kids Love Acupuncture!

Needle free Acupuncture.  Needles are sometimes necessary but for the most part a tool shaped like a pen is what we use and the kids love it. It’s a pamper time for them. Do you have a 3 year old that acts like a 15 year old? Mood swings? Look they all have individual characters and a strong will is not such a bad personality trait to have in the long run. However, when they are struggling to control their temper simply because their little bodies are out of balance, we can help. Are they waking up during the night needling to be cuddled or just want to play with you at 2am?! We can get them to sleep no problem. We are so confident we can get them to sleep through the night within 4 treatments we offer a money back guarantee. Bed wetting and emotional incontinence is a common problem parents face and can be for a variety of reasons. Often emotional, sometimes mechanical. To be honest we find this issue ridiculously easy to treat. Have you had colds,flu and gastro going round and round the family and sending you round the bend? We can help break that cycle no problem. If you are just looking for a basic maintenance or immune support treatment, Acupuncture is fantastic way of managing your kids health. We give parents practical tips to use at home to manage these symptoms and to head things off on the right track before they become a problem.


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