Menstrual Issues


Menstrual Issues

Do you get period pain? Bloated before your period? Breast sore, snappy, emotional?

Unfortunately women suffer a lot from these symptoms and a lot of it has to do with our hormones being out of balance. Modern lifestyle plays a big part in this. That being said 100 years ago some of us would have been locked up in an insane asylum for symptoms of PMS!

So how does our lifestyle effect our hormones? Estrogen dominance is a big problem these days. We get too much of this from our foods. Especially chicken. There is also a lot of soy in our diets as most of our livestock is fed soy products because they are cheap but unfortunately estrogenic. All of the plastic that we cook our food in, drink water out of are estrogenic. Cosmetic product that we use have chemicals in them that destabilise our hormones. Women are sitting ducks if we live conventionally in this society which a lot of us do. If you cut down or eliminate these major factors you will be helping you self stay much more hormonally balanced, healthy and happy.

Another aspect which helps tip us over the edge is too much or too little exercise. How do you know if you are exercising too much? You are prone to tendon injuries, you get ratty and tired, diarrhea and your period can stop. You don’t have to suffer from all of these symptoms but this can help you out.

Too little exercise can turn you into a snappy unmotivated and unhappy lady. It can literally sap you of any energy and make you feel completely flat and uninspired. We need good circulation to move those hormones around! They need to circulate! Get out there;-)

Ok but what if you’re doing all of that stuff and you still feel out of wack? Or what if you really want to exercise and get yourself together but you’re just stuck in a rut and it’s really hard to change? That’s where Acupuncture comes in. Acupuncture helps move your circulation of blood and hormones. It helps you produce endorphins which are those hormones that make you feel good and like everythings right in your world. They give a bit of pep in your step. Acupuncture helps reduce your stress hormones like cortisol.

By moving the blood circulation, especially in the pelvic cavity, I can help you with symptoms of period pain, Endometriosis, Fibroids and Poly cystic ovaries. This is also by helping balance other hormones like Insulin that balances blood sugar.

Acupuncture is awesome for menstrual issues and Woman’s health in general because of it’s amazing ability to improve hormone and blood circulation. If you’d like to have a further chat about what I can do for you please call on 0422 635 649




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