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Massage-Gold Coast-Palm Beach: Have you ever wanted a massage that incorporates a bit of relaxation, a bit of deep tissue, possibly cupping and a bit of energetic healing? I know many of our clients have been looking for just that but having a hard time finding it. That’s because there’s not many practitioners that are qualified in all of those therapies.

Why do I need relaxation massage?

Relaxation massage is such an important part of any massage as it helps warm up your muscles before they start working on getting the knots out. If you go straight into getting the knots out the massage is going to be painful and the body less likely to relax, therefore the muscles won’t relax. It’s like stretching before having a warm up first. Not very effective and possibly causing more harm than good.

Relaxation massage also helps detoxify the body by working on the lymphatic and blood circulation at the same time. Did you know that tight muscles are slightly toxic? Yes. They have Lactic Acid in them. That is what causes that crunchy,knotty feeling in the muscles. Lactic acid is produced during hard excercise but also with repetitive tightness. For example, constant computer work is over straining the muscles in your neck and shoulders leading to a build up of lactic acid in that area. The lactic acid makes it harder for your muscles to relax.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage gets into your muscles in such a deep and satisfying way. Knots and tension sometimes need to be worked out with more pressure. Massaging deep into the muscle belly helps relieve old tension. After the muscle is warmed up with relaxation massage, knotty bits can be worked out.

Energetic Healing

Have you heard of Reiki? It’s an ancient Japanese form of Japanese healing. It works at balancing your chakra’s or energy centres in the body. We are all so full of emotion and over thinking. Reiki acts like a defrag on a computer. It helps clear your energies of all of the un needed and unwanted energies we absorb from everyday living.Bring you to an experience of peace that feels like a vague memory of what it should feel like to be here. It really is lovely. This is mostly performed at the end of a massage on the head and face.


Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique of drawing the blood to the surface of the skin. This improves circulation and range of movement in the area being treated. To find out more…..


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