A Tale of Heartbreak in the Clinic

The current astrology has been causing friction between couples in relationships. Power struggles and seemingly insurmountable differences are coming to a peak. A distrust between the two of “if you don’t do things my way then I won’t do things your way” type of standoff.

Bed wetting

Bed wetting

Does your child wet the bed or have trouble getting to the toilet in time?

Summer 2016 Newsletter: Anchor Health Clinic

Summer 2016 Newsletter: Anchor Health Clinic

So summer is here finally and we’ve been warned of heatwaves.Here are some tips for you, family and friends to cool off this summer. Firstly I’ll explain a little bit about summer from a Chinese medicine perspective.

Eating Intuitively

I think anyone one reading this blog is aware of the fact that when you eat well, you look well.


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