A Tale of Heartbreak in the Clinic

The current astrology has been causing friction between couples in relationships. Power struggles and seemingly insurmountable differences are coming to a peak. A distrust between the two of “if you don’t do things my way then I won’t do things your way” type of standoff.

Most of us have experienced heartbreak at some time. It’s awful. You can’t eat. You can’t sleep. You can from being angry and self-righteous to sad and remorseful. Sometimes even relieved that elephant in the room has finally been acknowledged.

A client * Sarah came to see me in such a state. She couldn’t stop the endless loop of the same thoughts going around and around in her head.What she’s done wrong and what he’s done wrong. Going over the same arguments of what he said /she said. One moment justifying her actions, then being appalled at herself and how she’d behaved. In that state she got no sleep, tossing and turning all night. Waking up to pee every 30 minutes. She was nauseas to the point that she thought she may be pregnant. They’d been trying for a baby and she was scared but hopeful she might be.Even though the timing was lousy. She wasn’t though, it was all emotional. She felt shaky and anxious and wanted some sort of relief.

In Chinese medicine, if the heart is affected, all organs are affected. That is why when people suffer emotionally it can take such a toll on their health if emotional turmoil goes on for too long.

If the heart qi is suppressed there is no way to feel joy. Especially if the Pericardium which protects the heart shuts down. The pericardium sometimes is like an aggressive dog protecting the heart not allowing anything in. This can cause a feeling of flatness and general lack of spark. It can also cause a hardness around the heart making it difficult to express or get in touch with grief.

The Lungs are the organs of sorrow and grief. Weakened lung qi from grief makes it hard to draw a deep breath. There will be no desire to speak, take in new experiences or let go of the past. It may seem impossible to move on and let go of the relationship.

The Spleen and Pancreas qi gets knotted up with over thinking the same thoughts,ruminating on what once was and what is now. This causes confusion, nausea and a lack of appetite.

The Kidney’s suffer from the shock of endings. Causing weak and aching lower back and shaky knees.

So did I sort out Sarah’s relationship issues? No. What I did was help relief her body of it’s suffering, therefore making it easier for her to heal and take steps to finding happiness and managing her grief over the loss of her relationship.She was able to feel stronger and clearer and what she needed to do. Her thoughts started to calm down and she connected with her body again. Feeling an appetite that had been missing for days.

If you’re going through a breakup it is so important to nourish yourself during this really difficult time. Reach out for support. You’ll be amazed at how many people get it and want to help you. Listen to what you need. Honour the time it takes to heal xx