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Summer In Chinese Medicine

So summer is here finally and we’ve been warned of heatwaves.Here are some tips for you, family and friends to cool off this summer. Firstly I’ll explain a little bit about summer from a Chinese medicine perspective.
In Chinese medicine all of the seasons are divided into the elements of water,wood, fire, earth and metal. Summer is ruled:

  • By the element of fire ( no real surprises there;-)
  • The colour Red,
  • The emotion of Joy  (or mania just quietly)
  • Heart and small intestine,pericardium
  • Expansion, growth, activity and creativity
  • So what does that mean?

People of the fire element is the flirty, social,instinctive,passionate and affectionate friend of yours.

The shadow side of the fire element and every one has one so don’t judge is they can be morose and depressing. Lacking in joy. or manic.They laugh too much (like seriously it wasn’t THAT funny), angry out bursts( arrogant angry outbursts),inappropriate flirting and promiscuity, arrogance and vanity. I know, what a prize:-) But seriously when fire people are on fire (pardon the pun) they are  fun and charismatic, full of love and you need them around to spread good cheer and frivolity. Perfect for Christmas!
Physically they move animatedly,with small hands and feet, shoulders that slope down and sometimes a little pot belly. When they have an excess of fire they have a red face and long term, a drinkers nose. Do you know anyone like this?
We are all more like the fire element person during summer as it is ruled by fire. We should get out and socialise, flirt  (in a fun way), create and expand. This is really supported by the new moon in Saggitarius so definitely go for your dreams and goals but cross all your T’s and dot all of your I’s because it’s also Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Also a time to avoid buying electrical goods or signing contracts.

These tip below help you generate more Yang (energy) for the cooler seasons. The work we do in summer can generate leads in business for the rest of the year and can generate more energy for us during the cooler months to ward off sickness.

Tips for a great Summer

  • Hydrate,hydrate,hydrate! Drink loads of water or coconut water to keep up your fluids
  • Sweat it out with vigorous exercise. The ShakeUp is an awesome high intensity training program to keep you fit,the weight off and have fun while doing it.
  • Eat spicy foods to help you sweat and cool down
  • Swap your overly heating coffee for green or peppermint tea.
  • Avoid greasy, heavy foods in favour of lighter,cleaner foods like salads.
  • Avoid really cold icy drinks and foods like dairy as well. Cool down but don’t put out your digestive fire.
  • Go to bed later and wake up earlier
  • Socialise more but don’t over commit. It’s supposed to be fun.

Digestion takes a beating in summer due to over consumption of cold foods like ice cream, beer, alcohol,icy cold drinks and an excess of salads. The extra humidity in Queensland also adds to a condition called Summer damp.Summer damp can cause headaches at the base of the skull,foggy thinking, nausea, bloating and fatigue. How to combat this?

Eat light, clean foods like salads and steamed veges. Have peppermint or green tea. I know it sounds like a contradiction as I’ve said that over consumption causes issues with digestion but regardless of how hot you feel your body uses up a lot of energy in digesting food. Icy cold temperatures stress out the digestive system leading food to accumulate and stagnate. Lightly steaming vegetables or adding ginger,garlic,cooked meat or roasted pumpkin into salads makes them easier to digest. Lightly cooking foods is sort of like pre-digesting food.

Wake early and get active early.Sleeping in during the summer is a bad idea. You will feel foggy and lethargic. Get up early ( 5-6:30am) and do some vigorous exercise that makes you sweat.This will cool you down and improve energy and mood.

Emotions: Christmas or the holiday season can bring up a lot of old unresolved stuff. You may be reading this and thinking you don’t feel particularly joyful and in fact find this season really difficult. Also. it can be a quiet time for some businesses and finances stress can be building making you dread the cost of these holidays. This is the shadow side of the fire element. When we are guarding ourselves against pain and hurt and depression, we close our hearts. This makes it increasingly difficult to feel joy. My suggestion? Just feel it. Whatever it is. Don’t avoid what you are feeling. Journal it, go to a secluded area and scream, rant and rave if you need to but don’t suppress it. Let yourself cry so you can begin again and feel joy! I treat the Pericardium meridian which protects the heart in these instances. This allows you to open your heart again in a safe place. Sometimes there are tears but often it quickly turns to laughter.

Insomnia is common in summer as the heart in Chinese medicine houses the spirit. When the heart gets hot or is deficient in blood it can’t hold onto the spirit so it roams around all night. Getting into nightmares, restless. How does it get deficient? Women that have heavy periods, or experience blood loss. Heat in the heart from too many spicy foods, alcohol, overindulging.Emotional upset. Over stimulation. Put away your electrical devices, screens etc at least 2 hours before bed. Getting on Face book and having a “spirited discussion” about politics or vaccines or whatever does not help insomnia.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year. Enjoy your family and friends. Love Alex xoxo

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