I think anyone one reading this blog is aware of the fact that when you eat well, you look well. Most of us feel more beautiful when we are healthy. That’s because we are. All of our bodies systems work more harmoniously when we eat the right foods. These effects then radiate to the periphery because you are healthy from the inside out.

It is true though that what works for one person doesn’t work for another. I always tell my clients that beyond getting fresh, local and organic, staying away from processed foods, they can listen to their body intuitively for what it needs.

I think there is a lot of over analysis on what super foods you should be eating rather than listening to your common sense or intuition on what your body craves.
I can think of nothing worse for me personally than a raw food diet during winter. I would cave and end up eating pizza and Macca’s within about 3 days. I’m not alone on this. I swear! Getting too caught up on the nutrient profile rather than on the soul of the food seems to be quite common in our society today. While I believe that it’s important to eat consciously as its better for the environment and your health you can fall over the line into obsessively looking up the nutrient profile and feeling guilty about eating something “naughty” like un-activated roasted almonds from Coles. “Oh they’re not organic! They’re not activated! They probably use that iodised crappy salt not Himalayan”. Seriously! Half the world is starving to death. Chill out.
Another reason not becoming a stress head over food is so important is in how obsessive thinking affects you digestion. In Chinese medicine the stomach and pancreas are effected by over thinking and worry, thus making it hard to digest food. It could be the best superfood ever but if you over think it, it will be hard to absorb the nutrients.

So in summary:
Fresh and local, spray free or organic.

Stay away from the middle aisle of the supermarket but totally recommend finding a local farmers market you like. It makes shopping so much more pleasant, cheap and of course better for the local economy

Nasty preservatives and additives are rife in packaged food and also any packaged drink. Alcohol still doesn’t have to label what crap they put in there so have a think about that. But not too much!

Variety. Try everything. Try the super foods, try local stuff too. Listen to your body. If you’re craving sugar its most likely because you need more calories in your diet. You may need some carbs.

Enjoy cooking. Enjoy your meals with people you like

Listen to your body. If you get heart palpitations, dry mouth, feel anxious or angry, or strange after food. Don’t eat them. Or limit them.

If you feel tired or bloated after meals you are either eating too fast, too much, drinking too much with food, or the food is too rich for you.
Don’t think about it too much. We just wouldn’t survive without it and should be grateful for how much of it we have around.